What does your practice look like on the web?

Does your site look professional and offer information that your clients will be interested in, or is it still in the 90’s acting only as a listing? Consider your goals for your website. Are these clearly communicated and accomplished? What do you want the website to do for your practice?


We all know how important first impressions are. Consider the first impression that your customers are likely to have with your business. Nowadays, businesses spend a significant amount of time conducting online research about which practice to choose.

Daily news on your website

Daily news on your website.

First impressions are everything when you are trying to impress. Up-to-date news on your website demonstrates to anyone that you care about keeping your clients informed. This will impress existing clients and more importantly potential clients.

Taxation & Resources Library.

Tax publications, links to Revenue documents, business guides, spreadsheets, financial calculators, publications and links. Imagine saying to that new client, ‘just pop onto my website and check out the loan repayment calculator we discussed’.  I bet they would be impressed.

The best 'Call to Action' on your website

The best 'Call to Action' on your website.

Engage with potential clients easily by giving them the 'wow factor'. Let them book a video call with you. Try out the service, book a call with our team.

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Video-Calls-on-your-website-or-mobile-Splash-Marketing-1 (1)


Each quarter we produce an eight-page newsletter with your branding. We upload it to your website as a PDF file and we also email you a copy.

This is an essential important touch point for you with your clients. Send them a link to your newsletter and maybe draw their attention to a particular story of interest. When clients visit your website they will also be able to download all your previous newsletters.
See an example

Accountancy newsletter


On the evening of the budget each year, we produce a simplified budget summary with your branding. We upload it to your website as a PDF file and we also email you a copy.

Think of how impressed your clients will be when they receive an email from you on the evening of the budget with your budget summary document.

See an example

budget summary for accountants

Take credit card payments on your website.

Add a payment link to your invoices and statements, this allows your clients to pay on your website 24/7. Best of all the service is free, you only pay when you use it with a low 1.4% +25c per transaction with Stripe.


Our content
website package.

We like to keep things simple!

All prices exclude VAT


Once off fee to
create your website


Monthly fee

Let's get started.

Stephen O'Sullivan Practice Hook


If you're interested in growing your practice, generating more leads or driving more sales, then you need Practice Hook.

"We strive to keep our work unique and smart, with room for a little magic." - Stephen O'Sullivan, Director. Feel free to give us a call on 064 66 76100 or book a video call with our sales team Conor, Julie or Stephen.


What is the contract period?

We don’t believe in contracts, so there is no minimum stay with us.

Do I have to move everything to you?

Web services are split into three areas, your domain, hosting and emails. You can have each of these services with three different providers if you wish. So we can look after your website hosting and you can keep your domain name and email with your IT guys.

Do you get a referral fee from Stripe.com?

I wish we did, but unfortunately we do not. You setup your own account (of course we can help) and you do not have to mention us anywhere.

Who is PracticeHook?

Practice Hook is part of an agency called Splash Marketing based in Kerry (no Kerryman jokes please). Previously we were called Practice Net, but we changed our name when we added our Digital Marketing Platform. We’ve been around since 1996, check out Splash Designs Ltd. or www.splash.ie.

Who owns my website if I wish to leave?

Of course we are sorry to see you leave, but you have paid for your website, so you own it. We just remove the Practice Hook data feed and it is yours to take away once your account is paid up-to-date.

How do I sign up?

Call us on 064 66 76100 or email hello@practicehook.com

Can I add the Practice Hook Data Feed to my existing website?

If you would like to add our Practice Hook data feed, no problem! We charge €299 once off and €49 per month. If you want to include personalised quarterly newsletters and a personalised budget summary, the fee is €59 per month. All prices exclude VAT