Investing in your brand is probably the most important thing your business can do.

Whether it’s the iconic golden arches or the famous “swoosh,” a great brand instantly identifies you. In fact, investing in your brand is probably the most important thing your business can do. We turn everything that is unique about your business into a brand that will spark positive and long-term responses from your target audience.

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We offer unlimited options until you are completely happy. The package also includes the design of your letterhead, complimentary slip, business cards and digital letterhead. We have teamed up with, you can avail of a €300 voucher for only €150 to spend on business cards, letterheads, banner stands, etc..

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If you're interested in growing your practice, generating more leads or driving more sales, then you need Practice Hook.

"We strive to keep our work unique and smart, with room for a little magic." - Stephen O'Sullivan, Director. Give us a call on 064 66 76100 or book a video call with our sales team Conor, Julie or Stephen.


What are the steps in creating my branding?
  • Step 1 – Tell us your ideas – We start with a call with one of our designers. They want to find out what colours do you love and which do you hate? They will have a general chat to discuss your business and your design likes & dislikes. Alternatively you can do what most of our clients do and they just let us get our creative juices working and say "here is our company name, show me something".. 
  • Step 2 – Our skilled designers are let loose with their creative hands to provide you with initial mock-ups, unique to your specifications. We will aim to capture the spirit of your business with strong definition and purpose.
  • Step 3 – Choose one of the initial mock-ups as a base from which our designers will create your finished brand design. Our designers will then ‘adjust’ the graphics to your ultimate satisfaction. 
  • Step 4 – CELEBRATE! – Your professionally designed branding is ready for use.
Can I get a special character or hand drawn emblem?

Like every design company we use stock libraries for images and especially shapes and illustrations. If you wish to have a custom character or image illustrated specifically drawn, that is not a problem. We will quote you for this work

Who will own the logo/branding once it is finished?

You 100% own the branding and we pass all copyright over to you. Once you have pushed the button that you are happy with the work, we then send you all the files in professional print and web ready logo artwork files

How long does the branding process take?

First stage in the process is the logo design and we play to have an initial concept to you within ten days. Once you are happy with the logo, we then start work on the branding. We expect to have the entire process wrapped up in three weeks.